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At Thermatex we are well known for our technologically advanced wicking fabrics. Our unique Cooler rugs are designed and proven to actively wick moisture away from the horse through the fabric, then allowing it to evaporate into the atmosphere, leaving the horse warm, dry and comfortable.

The exceptional wicking properties of the fabric make these horse rugs ideal for use after exercise, during travel or as a stable rug. Use after bathing to dry the horse quickly and prevent chilling, The benefits provided by these rugs have been appreciated worldwide by both professional and amateur riders for over 20 years.


For the Rider

Thermatex Welli Socks

$25.00 $13.00

Fly Veils, Neck Rugs, Hoods

Thermatex Face Veil AFS-V

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Rated 5.00 out of 5
$85.00 $43.00

Neck Rugs and Hoods

Horse Wear Wash Bags


Cat Products

Thermatex Dog Bed