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Molly Mutt DIY dog bed kits are an exciting new approach to keeping textiles out of our landfills. Cover your existing dog bed with the molly mutt dog duvet, or – here’s the cool part – fill it with the old clothes and bedding you’ve got laying around your house. Your dog gets a new bed, and you get a fun, easy way to recycle your old things – not to mention some extra space in your closet!

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The revolutionary Molly Mutt dog duvet & stuff sack makes creating & maintaining a stylish, comfortable, and clean dog bed easier – and less costly – than ever before. Click here to see how they work !

Just stuff the dog bed duvets with old clothes, linen, blankets and old pillows you have lying around the house tomake a beautiful new bed for your dog. Or save money by coveringing your tired old dog bed with a Molly Mutt cover to make it look new again.

“Stuff sacks” & waterproof liners are available to organise the contents of the bed inside the duvet. Use them to throw in old blankets, t-shirts, and socks, throw a stylish molly mutt cover over the top and presto… a beautiful new dog bed . By “upcycling” your household leftovers, you save money (it’s a third of the cost of a new dog bed) and help keep textiles out of the waste cycle (yey!).

'Armor' Waterproof LinerStuff Sack Square


Dogs love the Molly Mutt beds as they can sleep on a pile of clothes that smell of you. You’ll love them because they are cheap to make, and so easy to clean – just whip off the cover and throw it in the washing machine.


* 100 % cotton, fully-zippered and gusseted for extra style and comfort
* durable, machine washable , & pre-shrunk
* available in 4 sizes – small, medium, huge and round

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